Bugatti homeland

Discover the extraordinary story from this mythic brand, which, as a Phoenix roses from its ashes...

Ettore Bugatti Molsheim

The Bugatti Legend

The story of this famous family from its early years in Italy till today.

Fondation Bugatti Molsheim Chartreuse

Bugatti Foundation

Inside the Charterhouse Museum in Molsheim, the foundation consists of two rooms which presents the Bugatti story, two cars, a chassis and a motor. This part of the Museum is certified "Maison des Illustres". Open from May to October.

Circuit découverte Bugatti Molsheim

Discovering tour

This tour leads you on tracks of the Bugatti Myth, crossing Molsheim-Mutzig Region. Please note that you can't visit the buildings which appear in this document. Only the Bugatti Foundation inside the Charterhouse Museum is open for the public.

Bugatti boutique

Bugatti shop / souvenirs

You were searching for a Bugatti souvenir ?

Bugatti Festival in Molsheim

Here is a few pictures from the Bugatti Festival that happens in september every year in Molsheim & Dorlisheim.

En route vers le musée de l'auto à Mulhouse

Lets go to the cars museum in Mulhouse =>

The greatest collection of Bugatti vehicles (120 pieces) which presents the cars history.

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