The Charterhouse (1598 - 1792)

At the gates of the valley of the Bruche, Molsheim has been owned by the bishops of Strasbourg since the early Middle Age.

The Charterhouse of Molsheim
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Because of the troubles of the Reformation time and the intolerant attitude of the Strasbourg authorities, the Carthusians, who settled in Koenigshoffen 1333, had to seek refuge in Molsheim.

In 1591, the last of them were imprisoned, their properties were seized and their monastery destroyed.
Set free in 1592, they no longer wanted to put up with the whimsical attitude of Strasbourg, nor were they resigned to give up their properties. As if seized by fear, they came to to take shelter within the walls of the Episcopal fortress of Molsheim, which became a bastion of Counter-reformation.

Cellule de moine
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The Carthusian monks had built in 1598 the "Chartreuse de Molsheim" inside the city.

Their presence in the town until 1792 was very much written about. The buildings used to stand from the Poudrière to the Market Square, their centre being today's Cour des Chartreux.

Cloître ©A.Gonnot
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Destroyed during the Revolution, the foundations of the church have been brought to light. Cells with their furniture were reconstituted as well as a part of the cloister. Work of restorations by a team of voluntary continues besides nowadays.

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