Charterhouse museum from Molsheim

Created in 1946 by Dr. Henri Gerlinger, the museum of Molsheim is a museum of archaelogy, art and history.

Opened in the Charterhouse since 1985, the museum grew rich by purchases and many gifts. It gathers the witnesses of the daily life of Molsheim in the course of the centuries.

The Bugatti Foundation : Bugatti Molsheim, those two names for ever linked reflects a whole area of the motor car. Over thirty years, since 1909, Ettore Bugatti and later his son Jean have known how to create in Molsheim a single category of cars as well for the mechanical design as by the aesthetic from the coachwork.

Evidence of his countless victories in competition, of their racing cars, of the achievements in the field of railway and shipping industries are revealed in the Charterhouse where the Bugatti Foundation has strived to show the quintessence of the cult vowed to the Bugatti.

Opening schedules

2 May to 14 June and 16 September to 15 October
Each day : 2 - 5 pm

15 June to 15 September
Monday to Friday: 10 - 12 am and 2 - 6 pm
Saturday-Sunday and holiday bank : 2 - 5 pm

Closed on tuesday

Charterhouse museum from Molsheim

Charterhouse museum


Adults : 4 €  - Half price : 2 €

Guided tour for groups all year round by reservation at the Tourist Office (appointment).