The Nideck Waterfall

At 534 m (1,752 ft) high, South of the castle ruins of the Nideck and at the top of a volcanic rock formation, runs a river. With its 25 m (82 ft) drop, its waterfall functions within a well-preserved natural environment. The locale itself is a very distinctive place, thanks to its wild sylvan atmosphere and tales of giants living in the Nideck Castles nearby.

It is really pleasant to walk there in summer, enjoying the refreshing atmosphere under the trees' shade. Has to be visited in winter because of its romantic atmosphere due to the water trapped in the ice.

Access: RD218, hiking path in front of the "Maison forestière du Nideck"

  • Opening times

    Free access
  • Price

    Entrée libre
  • Car park

    Temps de marche (min) du parking jusqu'au site 30
    Nearest train station: Urmatt Distance station (km): 12 Km
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