Along the water

The "Bruche" river takes its source beneath the Climont hill (690m high).

It joins with the Ill river near Strasbourg (135m high) which is a sub-tributary of the Rhine.
It flows through a great part of towns and villages of the Region Molsheim-Mutzig.

The trail then follows the Bruche canal, which was built in 1682 by Vauban to transport the red sandstone of the Vosges for the construction of the fortifications of Strasbourg. As many as 950 boats were recorded on the canal in 1782 and it was in use until 1938.

From Avolsheim to Strasbourg or Strasbourg to Avolsheim, along the 19,7 km, we can see 11 old locks.

To see :

  • Small and large sluice gates in Avolsheim
  • The fish ladder of Wolxheim