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They're two, they adore each other, they're a little lost but together they move forward, and above all:
They mustn't touch. They're obsessed with this idea. If they touch, they have to start all over again. They're touching, but they're not allowed to touch each other.
When their bodies express themselves, there's a mixture of dexterity and tenderness. They knot, untie, throw, propel, roll and jump with pleasure and gentleness. They travel through the possibilities of their two bodies without touching, or almost without touching, ...
Emerging is a reflection on contact, between them, between you and us.

What is touching? What does it feel like? What do we do with it?

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    Chapiteau Cirk''&Toile

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    Adresse rue Arthur Silberzahn Ville Dorlisheim


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    Less than 200 m from a free public car park
    Nearest train station: Dorlisheim Distance station (km): 0,8 Km
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