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Located in Dorlisheim on the wine road nearby Strasbourg, the family business exists since 1984 and covers 13 hectares of vines. the vineyard is situated on different south-southeast oriented hills of the Vosges. It is fragmented on 5 municipalities. The soil is mostly made up of coquina (muschelkalk) based on a Jurassic limestone slab.

The estate proposes the 7 kind of wines, sparkling wine Crémant and brandies.
It is possible to visit the wine cellar and the vineyard combined with a wine-tasting session. A meal can be included to the tasting session on prior booking only.

  • At the wine-cellar

    Wines offered

    Alsace AOC Crémant d'Alsace AOC Selection of Grains Nobles Late Harvest Sylvaner Pinot blanc Riesling AUxerrois Muscat Pinot noir Pinot gris Gewurtztraminer Edelzwicker The 7 Alsace vintages, sparkling wine Crémant, Brandies


    Visit of the wine cellar and walk in the vineyard with wine tasting Wine tasting (poss. comments on dishes and wines)

    Particularities of the wine cellar

    Modern barrels Wooden barrels Old cellar

    For individuals

    free tasting Guided tour for individuals

    Type of winegrower

    Synvira Adherent SYNVIRA (logo vigneron indépendant) Winegrowers harvest
  • Opening times

    9-11 am and 1-6 pm, Sun. & Fr. holidays by appointment Horaires durant les vendanges Mon-Sat: 9-11 am & 1-6 pm. Sun & Fr. holidays: by appointment only

    Weekly closure

  • Car park

    Free parking for cars
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