Bugatti festival

Every year the Enthousiastes Bugatti Alsace organises an international Bugatti meeting. This day dedicated to the public presents an exhibition of Bugatti cars, followed by a detailed presentation in French and German in front of a jury. The jury has previously selected the Bugatti that will be awarded a prize in each category.
The Foundation Trophy
The Lalique Trophy
The EBA Grand Prize
The Bugatti SAS Grand Prize
The Safran Grand Prize
The Cul pointu Trophy
The Bugatti Modélisme Molsheim Grand Prize
Best International Participation Prize
General Public Prize
The Eliska Juneck Prize
First-time Bugatti Participation Prize. Trophies, prizes and cups are presented to the owners of the cars by a representative of the competing section. They also receive a bottle of wine donated by the city, the label of which changes every year and is designed by Paul Kestler. It is presented by the Reine du Raisin de Molsheim.
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Bugatti festival
Parc des Jésuites
67120 Molsheim


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