Stroll around the Dompeter

In the meadow in front of the Dompeter church, there is a meandering path lined with dozens of signs, explaining the history of the Dompeter, the oldest church in Alsace. It is on St. James’ Way, whose history is also explained on the walk. Images, photos and commentaries trace how the place has evolved over the centuries. A few steps away you’ll find the remnants of the millennial lime tree that fell in 2006 during a heavy storm. Visitors can rest for a few moments in the shade of the new lime tree, which carries the graft of the old lime tree, and was planted in 2000 by local children.
  • Distance

    Nearest train station : 2 Km -
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Stroll around the Dompeter
rue du Dompeter
67120 Avolsheim


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