C’est bien fée pour moi – Théâtre

A comedy by Réda CHERAITIA with Chrystel ROCHAS, Aurélien PORTEHAUT, Réda CHERAITIA

Young girl in search of fairy tales ... But when there are fairy tales, fairies are not always what we imagine! A meeting that sparkles ... and glitters!

If you pray to your lucky star ... you can have great surprises!

Forget everything you know about fairies and discover Miss Mary Lou Sunshine, a fairy in court, flamboyant, surprising and thunderous.

She will turn the life of Appoline upside down, a snooty old maid, a little godiche who is secretly in love with her new neighbor and who prayed to her lucky star tonight.

And what is certain is that Appoline's wish will come true this evening ... M

But not necessarily as she had imagined: a bit more like Cinderella had been hit head-on by Priscilla Mad of the Desert!

For me it's a fairy! "Takes the look of an American-style show: it plays, it sings, and it dances!

The author Réda Chéraitia not only interprets this extraordinary fairy herself, but also takes up fairy tales in order to better blow it up.

He puts his bite pen in the service of a current topic: the right to be different and the acceptance of this otherness. And behind the laughter emerges a beautiful story of friendship, respect and ... love.

Place for a sparkling moment with this new kind of fairy, an extraordinary concentrate of energy and humor.


Buvette & snacks

  • Date


    • Saturday, December 4th, 2021 from 20:00.
  • Prices


    • 12 € / 10 €

    Place of the event

    • La Scène / Le Rohan
C'est bien fée pour moi - Théâtre
39 rue du Château
67190 Mutzig


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