Furoshiki workshop, Japanese art of wrapping

Emilie will take you on a journey to discover this ancestral Japanese art that uses a knotted fabric square to wrap everything.
4 workshops are proposed The discovery workshop: to discover the art of furoshiki, its history and the practice of a dozen knotting
The workshop zero waste-minimalism, to discover the ecological interest of appropriating the furoshiki on a daily basis and practicing a dozen bindings usable in everyday life.
The child or parent-child workshop, to propose a time of sharing around an eco-responsible practice easy to set up: wrapping birthday presents, carrying snacks, comforters, books…
The workshop at home, to live a friendly time with friends, colleagues at the home of the welcoming person.

Only in French
  • Opening times

    • at convenience
  • Price

    • 25€-30 €
  • Visits

    Number of participants

    Mini : 6 people

    Kind of visit

    • Duration: 2h


    • Booking mandatory: Booking necessary
  • Car park

    • Nearest train station: Molsheim
    • Distance station (km): 1,4 Km
Furoshiki workshop, Japanese art of wrapping

67120 Molsheim


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