La Verticale du Bruderthal – La Tournée des Terroirs

Within the framework of the Tournée des Terroirs, taste several wines from the Bruderthal over several vintages produced by different producers of the Molsheim wine syndicate. The interest is to understand the notion of terroir through several years of production, which will also allow to understand the influence of the climate on the wines with hot and cold years. Commented tasting of the Grands Crus Bruderthal by François Goepp, tasting specialist, who has given several introductory tasting courses, notably at the Université Populaire de Molsheim. He will animate the tasting by explaining with pedagogy the criteria for understanding each Bruderthal wine. François has been personally acquainted with the local vintages and winemakers for several years, which makes him an expert for this event. Activity on reservation.
  • Date

    • Sunday, June 4th, 2023
  • Prices


    • paying, more info on the website

    Place of the event

    • Lieu dit Leimen


    • Online sale
  • Car park

    • Nearest train station: Molsheim
La Verticale du Bruderthal - La Tournée des Terroirs
lieu dit Leimen
67120 Molsheim


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