Water activities

Spring in the water, go for a stroll in canoe or wish to go fisching, our region offers you to taste these pleasures.

Piscine le Triangle Dachstein

Swimming pool from Dachstein Closing extended until the end of August

Rue Pierre Clostermann
ZA Activeum F - 67120 DACHSTEIN
Tél +33 3 88 49 23 00
Pool : 12,5m x 25m
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Swimming pool from Molsheim-Mutzig - Reopening on 20th of June

Route des Loisirs
F-67190 MUTZIG
Tél +33 3 88 48 52 88
Pool : 15m x 25m
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Open-air swimming pool from Molsheim No opening for the 2020 season

Rue des sports
Tél +33 3 88 38 11 67
Pool : 12,5m x 25m
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The canoe and the kayak are two similar but different practices. They differ by the paddle and by the position in the boat. Simple paddle and position on the knees for the canoeist, paddle doubles and sitting position for the kayaker.
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The "Bruche" takes its source in 680 meters in Climont and flows during 76,8 km
Trouts, white fishes, chubs, daces, bleaks spirlin, gudgeons...
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