Jacket with removable sleeves EBA – end of series

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This jacket is perfect for the first cool days of the year. It has removable sleeves that can be unzipped and the zip is hidden by a flap.

The top of the jacket has a hood with drawstrings, and the sleeves have a flap that makes the zip invisible.

The bottom of the sleeves are equipped with a velcro strap to secure the wrist. Outside pockets.

An embroidered EB patch on the front and a black EBA embroidery on the back with a large price tag.

Inside, pockets on the right and left.  One large pocket closed with velcro 15 cm x 15 cm.

On the left 2 pockets one on top of the other. The small pocket on the top of the bag measures 9cm x 15cm and is a safe place to put your smartphone.

The one on the back is 18 cm wide and 21 cm high and is closed by a zip which contains a snap kit.

Inside the bottom of the jacket on the right and left you will also find drawstrings.

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Weight 1185 g
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