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The Bugatti Myth
The Adventures of Plum The Charterhouse of Molsheim The Fort of Mutzig Religious heritage They are the common thread of fun and interactive tours which each count 10 stages in the history and heritage of our region. For each step, information, anecdotes, photos and a video without forgetting the quiz to test your knowledge.
Application only available for android.


Geocaching is a fun and constructive kind of treasure hunt requiring the use of a hiking GPS / official app.
Explore towns and villages to discover hidden treasures, while taking a pleasant stroll between localities, vineyards and forests,
You will enjoy exploring for two, with family or friends (from 7 years old, accompanied children.

The hidden faces of Molsheim

To discover the hidden secrets of Molsheim, download the route (user manual for smartphone).
To play other games, you can download the smartphone app from: www.geocaching.com
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
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