Blason d'Ergersheim
Blason d'Ergersheim

Ergersheim is a village of character. The Bruche canal and its former towpath, now a cycle path, border the southern entrance. Along the canal you can discover old lock-keepers’ houses or a group of buildings known as the “Bleiche” (bleached) place dedicated to the bleaching of unbleached cloth. In the centre of the village you will find beautiful wine farms and traditional houses which complete the charm of Ergersheim.

On the Heritage side from Ergersheim

Eglise Maria Altrbronn Ergersheim

The church, commonly called “Maria Altbronn”, is the only remnant of the vanished village of Altbronn, as well as the farm next door. Altbronn or Altbrunne (the village with the old fountain) was a flourishing hamlet in the early Middle Ages. It is situated in a beautiful green area at the exit of the village.

Chapelle Rimlen Ergersheim

Dating from the 12th century, the chapel known as “Rimlen” is the only witness to the vanished hamlet of Rimlenheim, which was largely destroyed by the Armagnacs.

To discover this chapel, cross the village and take the road towards Ernolsheim sur Bruche. The chapel is in the middle of the vineyard.

Ancien couvent à Ergersheim

Old Trappistine convent

In 1826, the Simonis family built a residence called the “château” (a mansion in the park behind the building). In 1895, this residence was given to the Cistercian nuns of Oelenberg who added a church and transformed it into a conventual building to house the Trappist nuns and became the Abbey of Our Lady of Altbronn.

Since the departure of the nuns in 2009, the front building has been used as the town hall.

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