• With my family

With my family

With my family
You are with your family accompanied by young children, teenagers.
The Molsheim-Mutzig Region offers a whole range of varied activities, whether indoors or outdoors.
Outdoors, everyone will have the pleasure of discovering the sensations of the barefoot trail in Oberhaslach. 
For the little ones, the “Paradis des enfants” play park in Molsheim outdoors or l’Ile au Loustiks of Mutzig indoors.
 Don’t hesitate to take a break to observe the storks at the Parc à Cigognes in Molsheim.
With my family                                                                                                                          
Fancy a fun stroll? Download our tours.
And why not try Geocaching?

The more sporty are not forgotten, they can indulge in canoeing, cycling or hiking, or even enjoy the pleasures in the aquatic environment, offered by the swimming pools in our area.
In rainy weather, there’s nothing like a family movie screening.
While the little ones will enjoy the indoor play areas, the older ones will prefer the lasermaxx, the escape game, bowling, billiards or even the arcade games of the cinema du Trefle.

Other suggestions for children

With my family

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