Blason de Still

Still, two thirds of the municipality is covered by large natural areas which offer visitors a haven of tranquillity. It is likely that its name comes from the German “Stille”.

On the heritage in Still

Eglise saint mathias de still

St Mathias church

This church is typical of Second Empire architecture. It consists of a nave of 6 bays and a polygonal choir.
It houses a 14th century sandstone baptistery in the Gothic style which was restored in 1989. The gothic polygonal sandstone basin, decorated with intersecting rhombus networks, was restored to its original state because it was very damaged.

Chemin de croix de still

The stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross have 15 stations (instead of the usual 14). Each one is a large polychrome bas-relief. The whole tends towards neo-classicism.

Armoiries à still©bernard riegert

Coat of arms of the Pfaffenlapp and Landsberg families

Sealed in the courtyard of the primary school, this 16th century composition represents the 3 horns of the Pfaffenlapp and the 6 cups of the Landsberg family.

Maison forestière de haslach©jf rouge

Haslach Forest House

1899 Built for William 2 and his court for the big hunting parties. Located on the D75 towards Oberhaslach.

Private domain of the ONF

Tuilerie briqueterie sonntag de still

Sonntag brick and tile factory

This industrial heritage site located in Still in Alsace in the Bas-Rhin department (1720-1960) tells the story of more than two centuries of brick making in the village. During guided tours organised by members of the association, you will be able to discover the brick-making process: the excavation of the earth, the transport by waggons to the reception bin, the manufacturing machine, the cutting machine, the old open-air dryers, the artificial dryers as well as the Hoffmann kiln from 1885 in very good condition.

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