Blason de gresswiller
Blason de Gresswiller

Gresswiller is nestled in the south by large natural areas. The “Wurmberg”, a protected area, is home to rare orchids.

This natural proximity makes it possible to go on numerous hikes.

On the heritage side from Gresswiller

Eglise saint martin de gresswiller

St. Martin church

Although the nave was rebuilt in 1766, the late Gothic bell tower (1523) is embellished with a tympanum, representing Saint Martin sharing his cloak with a poor man. Outside the building, a miniature 15th century Holy Sepulchre is embedded in the wall of the former cemetery.

On the bell tower of the church is a sundial

Gresswiller tympan haut relief saint-martin


The main portal of the church is dominated by this finely worked tympanum depicting Saint Martin on horseback, cutting off half his cloak to give to a poor man in rags.

Staying, eating


Yummy !

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