Blason Niederhaslach
Blason de Niederhaslach

Niederhaslach is famous for its magnificent collegiate church of St. Florent, also known as the little sister of the small cathedral. 

The forest covers the eastern half of its territory and is classified Natura 2000.

Forestry, sandstone quarries and agriculture were the main resources of the inhabitants at the time.

On the héritage side

Maison canoniale à Niederhaslach

Remarkable houses

Around the Collegiate Church of Saint-Florent, there are canons’ houses.

Jardin lapidaire de la Collégiale Saint Florent à Niederhaslch

Lapidary Garten

Lapidary garden at the back of the Collegiate Church of Saint Florent. Burial place of the canons and the local nobility. You will also discover a 14th century recumbent statue under a coffin. The statue lies in a niche with a gothic arch.

Fontaine de Niederhaslach

Other heritage

There is much more to discover.

The Trinity Stele

The Marxhof Chapel

The Blue Virgin

The path of crosses

Did you now that ?

An exceptional phenomenon, unique in Alsace, celebrated each year at the time of the summer solstice, a solemn and very early morning moment. Discover the sunrise through the stained glass windows of the apse.

Staying, eating there


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