Blason d'Altorf
Altorf, famous for its Abbey Church of St. Cyriacus and its monastery garden which can be visited freely.

On the heritage side

Abbatiale Altorf

Saint Cyriaque Abbey

The abbey church of Saint-Cyriaque is a curious mixture of architecture from different periods located in the village of Altorf, on the old Roman road to Strasbourg.

The Benedictine abbey was founded by Hugues III, Count of Eguisheim in 974, a family from which the Alsatian Pope Leo IX descended, who consecrated the altar in 1054. The Saint-Cyriaque abbey church is a real curiosity.

Grange dîmière à Altorf

Tithe barn

This building dates back to the beginning of the 18th century and was used to store the product of the tithe in cereals, a tax in kind owed to the Church since the High Middle Ages.

Jardin de l'Abbatiale Altorf

Garden of the Abbey of Saint Cyriaque

The monastery gardens are a real haven of peace in the discreet village of Altorf, about twenty minutes from Strasbourg in Alsace.

A place of relaxation, the monastery garden is considered to be a sort of school for monk gardeners as it is made up of several small gardens.


Celtic menhir of the Hardt

This curious menhir is in fact a stone-horn located on a small mound on the border of the 3 communes: Altorf, Dorlisheim and Molsheim. It is in fact located on the municipal territory of Dorlisheim. On its eastern side, a monolith in the shape of a hook (symbol of the commune of Altorf) has been engraved. The date 1781 is also engraved on it, which could be the year of the revision of the communal boundaries.

orgue de l'abbatiale St Cyriaque

André Silbermann organ in the Abbey of Saint Cyriaque

The present organ in the Abbey Church of St. Cyriacus was built by André Silbermann (1728-30) for the Franciscan church in Sarrebourg. Delivered with fourteen stops in 1730, it was modified in 1849 by Stiehr-Mockers. In 1884 Martin Rinckenbach replaced the echo keyboard with an expressive recital. The organ case consists of three turrets connected by trays and has its original pewter front. The balustrade of the organ loft is made of sliding panels. The organ was entrusted to Richard Dott in 1999, the same year it was inaugurated.
Classified as a historical monument: instrumental part in 1971, case in 1972.

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