Fort of Mutzig

The Fort of Mutzig, in Alsace is an absolutely unique defense site.
Located on the heights of Dinsheim sur Bruche, it will offer you a panoramic view of the Bruche Valley.
The largest and most powerful fortification in Europe in 1914 is today a symbol of peace and Franco-German reconciliation. Since 2014, the “Namenstein” monument, which once marked the entrance to the site for the German army, has been welcoming visitors.
It was restored as it was when the Kaiser Wilhelm II Feste was inaugurated in 1896. 1871: The German Reich annexed Alsace and the Moselle.
The decision to build the Feste was taken by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1893 in order to bar the plain of Alsace against any French offensive.
Over the years, the Feste grew to have 22 armored turrets spread over 254 ha and housing a garrison of 7,000 men.


Entrance fee: 
Group visits possible by reservation at the Fort.
Contact information :
Le Fort de Mutzig, rue du Camp, 67190 Dinsheim-sur Bruche
Tel: – E-mail:
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