Soultz les Bains

Blason de soultz les bains
Blason de Soultz les Bains

Soultz les Bains is located next to the vineyards and is bordered to the east by the Bruche Canal. Its name is linked to its thermal past. There is still a thermal spa, the “Sulzbad”, a place of relaxation and well-being.

On the heritage side in Soultz les Bains

Chapelle saint amand à soultz les bains

St. Amand Chapel

Renewing the centuries-old tradition of the veneration of Saint Amand, the owner of the Sulzbad had a chapel dedicated to Saint Amand built at the southern entrance of the thermal site. The interior decoration, including frescoes and very original stained glass windows, was created by the painter Roland Perret, a fresco artist from Molsheim.

The chapel is located on the private domain of the thermal site.

Eglise saint maurice à soultz les bains

St. Maurice church

The present neo-Gothic church has retained a bell tower which is the old choir of the original church with the carved decoration on its original vault. To rebuild the church, the old materials were recovered. The interior of the building contains objects from the old building: Crucifixion painting by Daniche (late 18th century), baptismal font and Christ on the cross, painting of Saint Maurice by Joseph Seelenmayer (1847)

The organ of the Saint-Maurice church was built by Jean-André Silbermann in 1762, initially for the church of St-Pierre-le-Jeune in Strasbourg.

Holtzbrunnen de soultz les bains

The fountain Holzbrunnen

Dating from the 19th century, the fountain was used as a watering place for flocks of sheep.

Tour four à chaux à soultz les bains

Lime Kiln Tower

A vestige of the commune’s industrial past, the tower located at the exit of the village, towards Wolxheim, could well mislead you. If its majestic appearance makes it look like a castle, don’t be mistaken, it is in fact an old lime kiln which, as its name indicates, was used to transform the limestone from the neighbouring quarries.

On foot or by bike, some ideas for routes through Soultz les Bains

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Soultz les bains

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Soultz les bains


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