Blason de mutzig
Blason de Mutzig

Mutzig, a gateway to the Bruche Valley, famous for its Chassepot rifle, its Rohan castle, its beer and its fort. Its geographical position decided Emperor Wilhelm II to build the Fort of Mutzig there. Fort of Mutzig, a site not to be missed in the region. A visit not to be missed.

Mutzig hides many other treasures to be discovered while walking around the city.

So, here, we are going to present you other aspects of its heritage.

On the heritage side

Chapelle saint jacques à mutzig
Chapelle Saint Jacques ©Octave Zimmernann

the 5 chapels

3 of the 5 chapels surround the commune, they are closed to visits. To the east is the chapel of Saint Jacques, to the west the chapel of Saint Wendelin, to the south west the chapel of Notre Dame des 7 douleurs, Rue de la Trinité the chapel of the Trinité, Rue de Hermolsheim is the most surprising with its enormous lime tree which is enthroned there.

It is possible to walk around it with the help of the Chapel Walk.

Parc de la brasserie à mutzig

Remarkable houses

Landsberg house at no. 16 rue du 18 novembre. The house of the salt-maker at n°17-18 rue du 18 novembre from the beginning of the 17th century.

The Wagner Brewery from 1810 produced the beer “Mutzig” until 1989. The building originated from a factory under Napoleon.  Only the central part remains today.

The Mutzig railway station, the former Winstub at n°7 rue du 18 novembre, the Moussy and Clerc barracks, the René Schikelé primary school in rue de l’église date from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Passage des lavoirs mutzig

Passage of the laundries

The passage des Lavoirs whose entrance is to the left of the Porte de Strasbourg. Parallel to the rue Principale which extends to the back of the Château des Rohan. Traffic is only on foot.

The left side of the street is a series of houses built on the banks of the Bruche canal. 

The back of these houses offer access to the canal.

The houses to the right of the passage have large green spaces. 

Colonne fontaine de muzig

The fountain

In the centre of the town, the fountain stands proudly. The predominant element of the fountain, the column from the renaissance period, is sculpted in the upper part with a plant decoration, 4 cherubs’ heads and flowers.

Every year at the beginning of September, the fountain transforms its water into beer during the “Beer Fountain” festival.

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