Blason de duttlenheim
Blason de Duttlenheim
Duttlenheim, its history, its heritage.  Enjoy a short walk with your family to discover the Hansi walk.

On the Heritage side in Duttlenheim

Eglise saint louis duttlenheim

St. Louis church

One of the singularities of this building is that it escaped destruction during the two world wars. As a sign of remembrance, a statue of St. Odilia has been erected next to the main gate.

Another unique feature is the sundial on the south side of the church, a southern sundial dating from 1705, which was renovated around 1967 during the restoration of the church walls. It is carved in a sandstone slab 70 cm wide and 80 cm high. All the figures are oriented towards the centre in order to achieve the harmony desired by the craftsman.
You can see it in the rue de l’école in Duttlenheim.

Orgue stiehr de duttlenheim

The organ Michel Stiehr

The organ of the Saint-Louis church is attributed to Michel Stiehr (1817). However, the instrument has been extensively modified over the years: Koulen (1882), then Kriess (1920), then the Steinmetz brothers (1983) transformed it. The oak case has sides made in 1920. It has four sides and three turrets with half-relief urns. It can be considered a “neo-classical” instrument.

Hansi duttlnheim

The Hansi Walk is an educational walk on the protection of the biotope and natural areas, starting in Rue Louise Weiss and leading to Rue de la Gare.

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