Blason de duppigheim
Blason de Duppigheim
Duppigheim, whose history was marked during the Bishops’ War and the Thirty Years’ War, was completely destroyed three times during this period. However, there is still a beautiful heritage to discover and beautiful half-timbered houses.

On the heritage side in Duppigheim

Eglise-saint-arbogast-duppigheim. Jpg

The building, dedicated to Saint Arbogast, bishop of Strasbourg in the middle of the 6th century, suffered a fire in 1885. The painting of Saint Arbogast was redone, and the pulpit, the organ and the Way of the Cross were restored.

The church houses a copy of an ex-voto from 1832 whose author is unknown. This painting under glass comes from the chapel located at the eastern entrance to the village.

Synagogue de duppigheim


The Jewish community in Duppigheim has a long history. Installed in 1876, this former synagogue had 54 places for men and 46 for women. 

Today, the sanctuary has been converted into a fire station.

Roue de meunier à duppgheim

Miller's wheel

This old miller’s wheel has taken its place in the centre of the village.

Stele jean bugatti

Jean Bugatti stele

A stele has been erected in memory of Jean Bugatti on the outskirts of Duppigheim, symbolising the place where he had his fatal accident on 11 August 1939 at the age of 30.

Arboretum de duppigheim

Discover with your family the arboretum with a 1 km long pathway with explanatory markers on the different species of trees replanted since 2007.
In the centre of the rehabilitated former landfill site, there is a sequoia.

Staying and eating

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