Blason heiligenberg
Blason de Heiligenberg

Heiligenberg is located at the edge of the forest and offers beautiful walks. Several viewpoints and picnic tables enhance the walks. 
While walking through the village, at 115, the main street, you will discover a 17th century seigneurial sheepfold with an astonishing renaissance window in such a modest village. 

On the heritage side from Heiligenberg

Eglise saint vincent  à heiligenberg
©Photo Passion Molsheim JJ

St.Vincent church

Its special features are: a bell tower with a sculpted tympanum, a triple nave with compound pillars, an overhanging transept and a polygonal choir. It was built by the architect Alexandre Matuszinski around 1866.
The church organ was added in 1869 by Ferdinand and Xavier Stiehr. It still has its original case.

Monument aux morts heiligenberg
©Photo Passion Molsheim RB

Monument to the dead

Halfway between a chapel and a lantern for the dead, this is in fact the war memorial of the commune. An original building, hexagonal in shape, it is topped by a small floor covered with a slate roof supported by small columns.

Stèle du mongolfier à heiligenberg

Stele of the hot air balloon

This stele commemorates the landing of a French balloon behind Prussian enemy lines during the 1870 war and the courage of the villagers for helping the French sailors.

Raven rock

And one of the viewpoints on the Bruche Valley between Heiligenberg and Niederhaslach.

© Photo Passion Molsheim RB

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