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Unusual, you think, abnormal, funny, unusual, bizarre, original, puzzling curiosity that is exactly what we are going to present to you.


The chapel has a tetraconque architecture (roof in the shape of a clover)

Dinsheim sur Bruche

Le jardin Folâtre, this funny little private garden was created by artists.
All of the sculptures have a story to tell as the little hut with stained glass windows actually represents Hansel and Gretzel’s witch house.
There is also the bird of fear, the statue of the man who empties his stomach, Penelope’s ball of wool and many other things to discover.


Montgolfier stele in Heiligenberg, incredible story of a course of a party hot air balloon from Paris on October 25, 1870 and his unexpected landing in the municipality of Heiligenberg.
The heroic action of its inhabitants saved the lives of the two soldiers on board the Prussians.
A memorial stele has taken place in the town and a souvenir fresco (photo) painted on one of the walls inside the town hall.
The people of Heiligenberger always commemorate this event.


On a wall of this interior courtyard set back from number 12 rue Jenner, turn your head to see a decoration of the facade of the house quite motley!


Frescoes trompe l’oeil by Roland Perret, a fresco painter from Molsheim, is not satisfied with just a canvas on an easel or a sheet of paper to express his art.

The walls of the houses also serve as a support to display his talent.

The city of Molsheim is an open-air gallery where it is possible to discover its frescoes.


The Stone Gate at Mutzig is a natural strangeness shaped by erosion that has taken on the appearance of an arch.


Automaton “Grimacing Head” of the Belfry in the tower of the Town Hall of Mutzig.
As strange as it is mysterious, this grimacing face opens its mouth and moves its ears at each change of time.

One thing is certain, he is there from the top of his tower contemplating the city.


Great Holy Sepulcher in the collegiate church of Niederhaslach is one of the few Alsatian Holy Sepulcher (tomb) fully preserved in a church and in its original layout.
It is beautifully carved in 2 colors of your own accord; pink and gray.
On the 3 sides of the sarcophagus the representation of 6 soldiers
asleep, and angels at the head and at the foot of the recumbent statue of Christ.
We certainly owe this work to Gerlach von Steinbach.


The history of the Statue of the Blue Virgin dates back to the end of the 19th century.
To get to the spinning factory, men, women and even children relentlessly took the same route.
The workers placed the order with the sculptor Rebel de Urmatt for the realization of this virgin with the blue mantle from which her name, in thanks for the comfort which she brought them.


On the interior walls of the Chapel of St Florent in Oberhaslach hang several remarkable ex-votos, including one donated by two peasants in 1848.
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