Blason de wolxheim
Blason de Wolxheim

Wolxheim is a charming wine village with no less than 12 winegrowers. The southern part of the village is bordered by the Bruche Canal. The northern part is bordered by the vineyards, the highest point of which is the Horn statue.

On the heritage side in Wolxheim

Sacré coeur  à wolxheim©stéphane spach

Sacred Heart

This statue was erected in 1912 on the limestone cliff of the Horn. On the base are engraved words of peace from Christ at a time when all that was spoken was war. It is the symbol of the peace desired by the population and is deliberately turned towards the Fort of Mutzig. The statue was inaugurated on 27 July 1912.
Beautiful panoramic view of the vineyards of the Grand Cru Altenberg.

Chapelle saint denis à wolxheim

St Denis chapel

The chapel is located in the middle of Strasbourg’s vineyards, known as the Couronne d’Or, some twenty kilometres west of the city centre of the capital of Alsace.

Nestled in a setting of vines at a place called Le Canal, this building dates from the 15th century, but it is mentioned as early as 1342. It is located in the middle of the cemetery and consists of a nave and a hexagonal choir. Inside there are still two paintings by Carola Sorg (1833-1923). There is also a statue of Saint Denis with two heads and a tombstone in the floor dedicated to the miller’s wife. The chapel was renovated in 2000 by volunteers.

Chapelle saint armuth à wolxheim©riegert

St Armuth chapel

The first mention of the chapel dates back to 1512. The Chapel of the Holy Poverty (Saint Armuthskapelle) and its hermitage were demolished several times and rebuilt in 1738.

In 1808, the chapel was restored to worship and a new hermit took up residence in the adjoining house, which was rebuilt. In 1861, the state of dilapidation was such that a new, larger chapel was built on the site of the old one, as well as a new dwelling for the hermit.

In 1979, following a fire, only the sanctuary was saved.

The interior has not been restored. Open on request at the town hall

Eglise saint etienne à wolxheim

St Etienne church

The church consists of a single nave with a gable front and portal, a polygonal choir and an axial bell tower. The church has a processional cross decorated with the symbols of the evangelists. The choir is decorated with four large marouflaged paintings. The furnishings in the nave consist of two side altars dedicated to the Virgin and St. Joseph and a pulpit from the mid-18th century, painted in imitation of marble, topped by the statue of the Good Shepherd.

Orgue de l'église de wolxheim©

Sébastien Krämer Organ

The original organ was rebuilt by Sébastien Krämer in 1780, and retains its opulent case with three turrets and two fronts. The instrumental part was rebuilt by Callinet in 1844, then transformed by Rinckenbach in 1887.

Maison saint léon à wolxheim

St-Léon house

This mansion was probably built by the Laquiante family. It was intended to accommodate the families of the bourgeoisie who came to Soultz les Bains to take the waters.

It became a retirement home in 1949 after being bought by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit.

You can also reach the statue of the Sacred Heart through the vineyards and enjoy the view. Here are some ideas to discover here

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