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The Molsheim-Mutzig region
a must-see destination in Alsace

Located 27 km west of Strasbourg, 10 km from Obernai, 60 km from Colmar, at the start of the Alsace Wine Route, the Molsheim-Mutzig Region brings together 18 charming towns.

The Fort of Mutzig

The Nideck Waterfall

The Charterhouse

Our Vineyards

The Bruche River

Our Favorites

A rich historical heritage with many monuments and curiosities:

One of the largest churches in Alsace: the Jesuit church in Molsheim; one of the rare intramural Charterhouse in Molsheim; one of the largest fortresses in Europe: the Fort  of Mutzig; a small Gothic cathedral: the Saint-Florent collegiate church in Niederhaslach; one of the oldest churches in Alsace: the Dompeter in Avolsheim; the highest bell tower in the Bruche valley: the Church of Saint-Maurice in Mutzig, the highest waterfall in northern Alsace: the Nideck in Oberhaslach.
Our destination has the charm of exceptional places, where beauty is generously expressed.
More than a lesson in history and architecture, here is an invitation to travel where people perpetuate traditions, where the essential has been transformed over the centuries into the art of living. Earth, stone, water speak to you …


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Whether you are into culture, nature or food, history lovers, experienced athletes, hikers or amateur cyclists, young and old.
A whole range of activities and visits are to be discovered to spend unforgettable holidays in our territory.
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