Blason oberhaslach
Blason d'Oberhaslach

Oberhaslach, a mountain resort located on the route of the castles of Alsace and known for its tourist highlight the waterfall and ruins of the Nideck.

However, the remains of old castles such as the Rigelstein, the Hohenstein, or the enclosure of the small Rigelstein from Roman times could be enough to discover Oberhaslach.

An excellent holiday destination for hiking, mountain biking, horse riding or simply for nature lovers.

On the heritage side

Chapelle saint florent à  oberhaslach


St-Florent chapel at the exit of the village towards the north, this baroque chapel houses a series of ex-votos (a picture or object hung in a venerated place in gratitude for a grace obtained following a wish).

Gensbourg chapel of Romanesque inspiration, remnant of a vanished village at 108 rue du Nideck, private domain.

Eglise saint arbogast à oberhaslach©photo passion molsheim

St-Argogast church

A special feature of the church is the first organ by Edmond Alexandre Roethinger, built in 1893 and extended by his son in 1952.

Staying, eating there


Yummy !

it is knowing in advance that we are going to enjoy it! How to resist the pleasures of the mouth in a region where gastronomy

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After a busy day, what could be more pleasant than to find yourself in a cozy cocoon to rest ? Rather hotel, our destination offers

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