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Welcome to the Molsheim-Mutzig Region … Where the heritage still testifies to these intense religious, economic and cultural activities present since the Middle Ages.
Here, tradition and history are revealed through encounters with Alsatian architecture and culture, remarkable buildings, fortifications, vineyards, not to mention local life and entertainment.
The Molsheim Mutzig Region also evokes the Counter-Reformation (17th century), a movement by which Catholics came to find refuge there after having been forced to leave Strasbourg, the Protestant.
Molsheim had its heyday with the arrival of various religious orders, including the Jesuits (1580-1765) and the Carthusians (1598-1792).
Often, Molsheim is associated with Ettore Bugatti, a famous Alsatian car manufacturer from the beginning of the 20th century.
For Mutzig, it is the brewing activity with its iconic beer that has been produced for almost a century and a half!
Here a little taste for your visit.

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Pointeur Dachstein

Saint Martin church

Pointeur Altorf

The garden of the St Cyriaque cloister

Pointeur Geispolsheim

The Chocolate museum by Schaal

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