Our Lady of the Schiebenberg hill

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The statue is located above the village of Dinsheim sur Bruche. A magnificent panorama is offered to you on the Bruche Valley about twenty kilometers of Strasbourg.

On July 18, 1875, was erected on the hill of Schiebenberg (alt. 317m) a statue of the Virgin with the Child, in gilded cast iron, put on a stone base. It was erected as a sign of thanksgiving because in the 1870s, the mayor, the priest and the sexton were arrested by the Prussians for supposed connivance with the enemy.

In reality, the ringing of the Angelus coincided with an attack by the Franks on Mutzig, which was unfortunately interpreted as a warning signal by the Prussian staff. The inhabitants were later released from their duties and were thankful to Christ.

To get up on the hill and enjoy the magnificent view, plan on a 2-hour walk from the center of the village and the way back. Several hiking possibilities to reach the statue are proposed from the village center.

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    Nearest train station: Gresswiller Distance station (km): 2 Km
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