Circuit of 4.2 km -Time: 1.30h
Enclosed between vineyards and Bruche river, the hill Altenberg marks the limits of the plain and the hills of the Vosges. The wines benefit from the appellation Grand Cru. The Riesling " vieux coteau " is recognizable thank to its delicious and generous note as well as its aromatic delicacy after a few years of guard.
The visit of the vineyard is not recommended during the harvesting time.
  • Opening times

    • open air
  • Price

    • Entrée libre
  • Visits

    Formules de visite

    • Durée 1h30 min
  • Car park

    • Chemin du Riesling
    • Nearest train station: Molsheim
    • Distance (km): 5,5 Km
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Vineyard path
Chemin du Riesling
67120 Wolxheim


Vineyard path

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