Vineyard path

Circuit 4,5 km - Time : 2h
With a south orientation between Molsheim and Mutzig, and at the entry of the Bruche Valley, the vineyard Stierkopf produces robust wines and with a fine Bouquet such as the Riesling, the Pinot noir and the Gewurtztraminer. Its name comes from the legend " Head of a bull " according to which a bull crashed below cliffs situated in the eastern end of Mutzig, just in front of the first houses of Molsheim.
The visit of the path is not recommended during the harvesting time.
  • Car park

    • Place de l'Hôtel de ville
    • Nearest train station: Mutzig
    • Distance station (km): 2 Km
Vineyard path
Cour de la Dîme
67190 Mutzig


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