Walk through Still

A family walk in the village of STILL at the beginning of the Bruche Valley. Located on the "STILLBACH" or "Still Creek" river which probably gave its name to the village. The clay, suitable for bricks, tiles and pottery, and proximity to the creek attracted the first inhabitants. Crossing the village and climbing to the nearby hills, the walk is easy and funny.
The way offers a peaceful experience of the region’s treasures of fauna and flora. On the Stillberg, there is a wonderful view on the village Heiligenberg and the mountains Vosges.
  • Visits

    Formules de visite

    • Durée 1h30 min
  • Car park

    • Town hall
    • Nearest train station: Gresswiller
    • Distance (km): 3 Km
Walk through Still
36 Grand'rue Mairie
67190 Still


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