Explor Games : Mystère à la Chartreuse

1619, on the morning of February 14, the town of Molsheim is in turmoil: Jean Leucken, prior of the Carthusian monastery, an emblematic and respected figure, is found lifeless outside his cell. Among the townspeople, a majority accuse witches of being behind the tragedy.

Despite arrests galore, tensions and fear continue to spread, threatening Molsheim's flourishing life.

You are students at the University of Molsheim and your group, recognized by all for its wisdom and knowledge, is called in to investigate this crime.

On your way to the scene, you notice a detail. The prior was holding a handwritten note. You decide to focus your investigation on this enigmatic parchment.

At the scene, you notice a detail.

Set off on an adventure, in search of the truth, in the thousand-year-old streets of old Molsheim.

Be vigilant, foil the traps and pierce the mysteries... It may be that the key to the enigma exceeds the limits of your imagination...

Practical information:

  • Rental of 3 tablets (1 tablet for 4 people) during Tourist Office opening hours.
  • Adventure game for ages 7 to 77 in French only.
  • Game duration 2h/2h30
  • Deposit 100€ (cash, French check or credit card)

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