Our vineyards

The Alsace Wine Route, created in 1953, is known the world over for its breathtaking landscapes.
It crosses the vineyard for 170 km from north to south Alsace.
The flowery villages often hide in strange half-timbered houses: winstubs (wine bars) and tasting cellars in which visitors are invited to taste the famous Alsatian nectars *.
The Wine Route is an adventure, a discovery … an art of living … with its traditional events including the Grape Festival in Molsheim.
The wine-growing villages of the Molsheim-Mutzig Region: Soultz les Bains, Wolxheim, Ergersheim, Avolsheim, Molsheim, Mutzig, and Dorlisheim welcome you.
This wine region also offers 2 grands crus: Altenberg de Wolxheim and Bruderthal de Molsheim.
Some wine trails are lined with signs explaining the work of the winegrowers.
Fancy a stroll in the heart of the Bacchus vineyards? here we go !
* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.
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