Aude à la Nature

"Go towards more autonomy in your daily life". Aude BERNADAC has created her company, "Aude à la Nature", for people who want to develop their autonomy in their daily life, in particular through the knowledge of wild plants. Her approach is simple and practical. It allows you to recognise plants and to cook them while adopting a responsible lifestyle, by respecting the quantities picked to maintain the cycle of abundance of nature and also by anti-waste tips. Aude à la Nature invites you to workshops on how to find wild plants in the wild, how to pick and cook with wild plants. For everyday use, she proposes simple and quick recipes. To please yourself and your friends, she shares more "upscale" recipes. She also runs workshops on how to make "remedies", cosmetics, everyday objects and household products, all using products that are as "local" as possible, or upcycled. She works with schools, companies and individuals. Contact her for your next autonomy workshop.

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    Adult rate : 85 € Tarifs : à partir de. Selon prestation demandée.
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