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The building consists of a single nave with a portal and a front gable, a polygonal choir and a steeple on the side. The church possesses a processional cross, bearing symbols of the Evangelists. The choir is decorated with marouflaged canvas, as for the furniture, there are two side altars dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph in the nave. In the inner sanctum is also a mid-18th century marbleized pulpit, with a statue of the Good Shepherd on top of it.
Let us not forget the organ, built by Sébastien Krämer in 1870, which still has its opulent-looking casing with three sets of pipes on top and two other sets on the facade. They have been rebuilt in 1844 and modified in 1887.

  • Date

    All year 2024 daily from 08:00 to 18:00
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    Meeting point

    18 Adresse Rue de l'Eglise Ville Wolxheim
  • Car park

    Nearest train station: Molsheim Distance station (km): 4 Km
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