Church Saint Arbogast

The church still has a bell tower-porch whose base could date from the Romanesque period, i.e. the 12th century. A project of reconstruction of the parish church is established in 1763 by Jean-Michel Rüscher, but is not retained.

The work was carried out according to the plans of the architect Christiani. The nave bears the date of 1765. It was enlarged towards the east in 1846, the choir being rebuilt according to a project by Ch. Morin which respected the 18th century style.

The building, dedicated to Saint Arbogast, bishop of Strasbourg in the middle of the 6th century, suffered a fire in 1885. The painting of Saint Arbogast was redone, and the pulpit, organ and Stations of the Cross were restored.

The church houses a copy of an ex-voto from 1832 whose author is unknown. This painting under glass comes from the chapel located at the eastern entrance of the village.

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    Access for disabled persons
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    8 am-6 pm

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    Sunday morning
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    Entrée libre
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    Mini : 10 people - Maxi : 30 people

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    Guided tour for groups with reservation
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    Free parking for cars
    Nearest train station: Duppigheim Distance station (km): 0,6 Km
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