Bugatti Discovery tour in 12 stops

Our favorites / Bugatti Discovery tour in 12 stops

The region Molsheim-Mutzig is the land where the Bugatti myth came to life.

The famous «Bugatti» trade name was created by Ettore Bugatti (1881–1947), the Alsatian car manufacturer of Italian origin most renowned for his racing cars, the legendary blue rockets with an arch-shaped radiator whose track record was unrivalled, and sports and luxury cars such as the Royale.

This trail with 12 landmarks, symbolized by information panels at the disposal of tourists, invites to a journey to discover the fascinating story and life of the Bugatti family in Molsheim, Dorlisheim and Duppigheim. Through anecdotes recounted by the Witness, discover the key sites where the Bugatti car-making era began and how that tradition still continues today.

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