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Laboratory of local products: preserves, sauerkraut, jams but also

  • Vinegar-pasteurized vegetables (Asparagus, zucchini, carrots, pickles...): our specialty is asparagus, both as an aperitif and to accompany a gourmet salad, raclette, pierrade, tourte, ...
  • Confits (Mixture of fruit, wine, honey and spices): confits to accompany game, duck breast, capon, foie gras, as well as your cheese platters during holiday meals.
  • Chutneys (Mixture of fruit, vegetables, vinegar, cane sugar and spices): sweet-and-sour fruit and vegetable blends, enjoy with foie gras, smoked duck breast, cold meats, couscous, tajine and cheeses as well as charcuterie.
  • Fruits in syrup (Fruits, water, sugar and spices)
  • Fruit syrups (Fruit, water, sugar, lemon juice and spices)
  • Sugar-reduced artisanal seasonal jams cooked in a copper cauldron: a sugar content of between 42% and 45% in the finished product (fruit sugar plus added sugar)

Recognized as artisans by the Chamber of Trades, Les bocaux de saison offers a wide range of quality products.

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