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About twenty kilometres from Strasbourg, lies the thirty hectares of the hillside Kefferberg beling once to the vineyard of Strasbourg, one of the oldest vineyards in Alsace. From the 4th century, vines would have been planted on these hills close to Argentoratum (the Roman name of Strasbourg) and patrician villas between Kirchheim and Marlenheim. The soil of Kefferberg is composed of clay interspersed with limestone-sandstone layers. Its gentle slopes, its south-facing orientation and its micro-climate may it benefit from an extraordinary drought resistance reinforced by silica on the surface which warms also the soil by their «magnifying» effect. This warmth gives dry wines a relatively subtle acidity, a rich material and aromas that make them great gastronomic wines. While below the hillside flows the river Bruche which promotes the development of botrytis (grey rot) on the grapes and transform the wines into fabulous sweet like the late harvests and the selections of noble grains. All the Alsatian grape varieties grow on the vineyards of Ergersheim. It offers magnificent views: the Vosges, the cathedral of Strasbourg, the chapel Saint-Michel d'Ergersheim (the last vestige of a village destroyed during the Thirty Years' War).

  • Car park

    Less than 200 m from a free public car park
    Temps de marche (min) du parking jusqu'au site 2
    Nearest train station: Molsheim Distance station (km): 5 Km
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