Prison Island - team adventure game

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A new adventure game in the region, a mix between Ford Boyard and an Escape Game. 23 cells to put your logic, fitness and skill to the test. Players must face and pass a variety of challenges lasting from 2 to 5 minutes. 1 cell = 1 challenge. The aim is to complete as many challenges as possible to score as many points as possible within a 1h or 1h30 timeframe.

Team game with a maximum of 3 - 4 people. 1 adult required per team for children under 12 (from age 8).

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Our team speaks German and English, and the game can be played in French, German, English, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and also Czech!

  • Opening times

    Wed 1.30-11pm, Thu 4-11 pm, Fri 4 pm-1 am, Sat 10 am-1 am, Sun 10 am-8 pm, holiday from 1.30pm

    Weekly closure

    Monday Tuesday
  • Distance

    Nearest train station: 0,5 Km - Dorlisheim
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