Dompeter and St Ulrich chapel

The Dompeter church is the oldest church in Alsace and the St Ulrich has a rare quatrefoil form.

For a group of over 30 people, we recommend to set up 2 equal-sized groups and to book a second guide.
Request guided tour on a Saturday: it can only be organized according to the availability of guides. No additional charges
  • Opening times

    • By arrangement
  • Price

    • 120€/1.30 hours €
  • Visits

    Number of participants

    - Maxi : 30 people

    Kind of visit

    • Guided tour for groups with reservation
    • Duration: 2h
  • Car park

    • Less than 200 m from a free public car park
    • Nearest train station: Molsheim
    • Distance station (km): 1 Km
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Dompeter and St Ulrich chapel

67120 Avolsheim


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