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The heritage of our region testifies to the intense religious, economic and cultural activities present since the
Middle Ages.
Here, tradition and history are revealed through encounters with architecture and culture.
Remarkable buildings, fortifications, museums …
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Types of guided tours
Types of guided tours
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Pointeur Avolsheim

Dompeter and St Ulrich chapel

Pointeur Dinsheim sur Bruche

Fort of Mutzig

Pointeur Meistratzheim

Sauerkraut Factory - LE PIC

Pointeur Molsheim

Molsheim and its religious heritage

Pointeur Molsheim

Charterhouse, Museum and Foundation Bugatti

Pointeur Molsheim

the old town of Molsheim

Pointeur Molsheim

the Jesuits church

Pointeur Molsheim


Pointeur Molsheim

Molsheim and the Charterhouse

Pointeur Mutzig

the old town of Mutzig

Pointeur Mutzig

Mutzig and its church

Pointeur Niederhaslach

Saint-Florentius Collegiate Church

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