Follow some advice before you leave for a trip.

Help us to protect nature! Very sensitive to the quality of our environment, we invite you to make a gesture in favor of nature and contribute to its preservation by selecting the information and printing only useful real pages.



Most of the circuits are signposted by the Vosgean Club. Just follow the geometric signs.

We advise to use a hiking map. Despite the supervision by the Vosgean Club, some indelicates may have removed some markings on your trail.



Nature unpredictable. Be careful, take with you a cell phone and some emergency numbers. Attention, in some areas, it is more difficult to have network.

In case of an emergency, please contact the relevant department promptly, 

Trace verte


Every sport needs the adequate equipment, even a simple walk! Adapt your equipment according to the weather. Common sense is the best advice for a good day.

Be careful and use adequate equipment. Hikers and cyclists: take a map or a GPS tracker, food and drink, clothing for sports and adapted to the weather , and a mobile phone to call for help. In any case, inform your amily or friends of your departure and your itinerary.

Cyclists, does your bike ollow the legal safety standards? Check your brakes, lights and tires. 

Hikers, wear walking shoes. 



A beautiful forest is without waste. A cut flower will not grow again, a trampled shrub will not feed the local fauna. So be respectful and responsible!

Ecofriends, be aware of the taking your waste with you and do not pick plants or flowers.

Be equally respectful of local wildlife and its environment.

Do not degrade the paths you take. Others will follow after you and each plant species has its usefulness.

Mountain bikers, hikers remain priority on the marked hiking trails. Do not stray from the trails.

Bicycle paths are reserved primarily for bicycles.

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