Step n°9 : Graves

As the Bugatti family’s home is in Dorlisheim, their graves are also in the village cemetery.

When one thinks of the Bugatti family, many words come to mind: passionate, eccentric, ingenious and inventive.

Did you know that Ettore’s father, Carlo Bugatti, was internationally renowned for his revolutionary and inimitable furniture designs?

His grandfather, Giovanni Luigi Bugatti, was a renowned Italian architect and sculptor, as well as a designer of monumental interior fireplaces.

And what about his brother Rembrandt, who is known worldwide for his delicate sculptures of animal life?

Jean, the son, took on important responsibilities in the factory at the age of twenty. His main passion was the creation of daring car bodies and the driving of motor races. In 1936, he was to take full responsibility for the factory, his father having other goals. 

So what happened? Who said that genius could not be passed on?

Every year in September, the Bugatti associations gather at the graves to honour this family that has done so much for the reputation of Dorlisheim and Molsheim.


Over several generations, the Bugatti family was a veritable melting pot of artistic talent and technical gifts.

Architects, sculptors, builders – they were all brilliant creators in their own fields.

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