Step n°6 : Head office Bugatti

Private property. No visits.

Built in 1857, the two-storey building with its mansard roof was acquired by Ettore Bugatti in 1928. It was never used as a home, but mainly as a meeting place.
In 1998, after the Volkswagen Group acquired the castle, work began on restoring the interior to provide offices and a showroom for Bugatti Automobiles SAS.

The castle, with its beautiful wooded grounds, now populated by a few pairs of deer, was used in Ettore Bugatti’s day and is still used today as a venue for luxury car shows, receptions and customer service.

The side hunting lodges date from 1766 and 1853.
The period gateway, the gateway to the former Templar Commandery, lends a contemplative air to the inner courtyard.


Did you know that?

The Château Saint-Jean was built on the site of the former 13th century Commandery of the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

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